Apply to NTCC

We are excited to have you be apart of what we consider to be something very special at Northeast Texas Community College. As an athlete there are certain things that need to be accomplished before you can attend. Please review the following items and use this as a check list of things that must be accomplished before you can attend or move in.
Step 1 Fill out application for admission
Step 2 Fill out residence hall application and submit $200 deposit 
Step 3 Fill out FAFSA and enter NTCC School code
Step 4  Submit All official college and/or High School Transcripts to NTCC 
(Transfer students MUST have both High School and College Transcripts)
Step 5 Take the THEA or ACCUPLACER Test (unless exempt see below)
and have scores sent to NTCC (Please keep a copy for your records)
Step  6 Attend Orientation
Step 7  Register for classes through Campus Connection or online (first semester  students (which includes first semester transfer students) are not elig for 
 online registration)
Step 8 Pay for your classes or sign up for a payment plan
Step 9 Get all immunization shots required and submit to housing director
Step 10 Get Physical Exam and submit to your coach (except rodeo)
Step 11 Move in day...follow proper move in procedure

The first step is to apply for admissions at NTCC. Northeast Texas Community College utilizes the Texas Common Application which can be found at the following link. Please fill out the application completely and accurately. Remember to complete the profile AND all six pages of the application.  Remember to select submit application now after completeing the final page of the application.  Please allow 3-5 days from processing.  You will then receive a letter by maile detailing any additional information required.


  1. Fill out a residence hall application and submit the required $200.00 deposit
  2. Move in dates for the residence halls can be found on the website
  3. Before you move in you must first check in with the business office. They will give you a receipt that will allow you to move in. You must be registered, have at least of your room paid for, a dorm application on file, and your dorm deposit of $200.00. (if you have a room scholarship that will be considered payment for your dorms but you must still have your deposit paid by you) Returning Players: If you had dorm charges last year those must also be paid.
  4. You can pay the deposit with check or credit card. If paying by credit card please have a Residence Hall application on file and call 903-434-8100 and ask for the business office. They will be more than happy to assist you. Returning athletes who have lost your deposits due to not checking out in the spring, have cleaning fees, or damage charges on your account, these must also be taken care of before you arrive. You will not be allowed to move in until these charges are paid.
  5. Dorm rooms are 10' x 20' in case you want to get carpet for your room.


    All Scholarship athletes must have a FAFSA on file with our financial aid office. It is a school policy that you must fill out and submit this information. Please do this as one of the first steps and be aware that your scholarship will not be transmitted to your account until this happens. We have given the link to the FAFSA website for your convenience. . Please note that if you qualify for Federal Aid, you will be required to fill out additional NTCC paperwork. 


High School
To be eligible to compete at NTCC you must have submitted all from any High School you have attended. The transcript must be an official, sealed transcript submitted to our registrar's office with the date of graduation posted. This can be obtained your high school counselor.

Additionally, if you are a transfer student you must have all official transcripts submitted from ALL COLLEGES you have attended. NOTE: This is in addition to an official high school transcript as well.

Those students who have taken dual credit
Dual credit students must have an official transcript sent from all colleges in which they attended.

Mandatory for all incoming new students - The THEA (or ACCUPLACER) test must be taken and grade results received before coming in. If you feel you might be exempt from the THEA or ACCUPLACER, please visit our testing center's web site to find out for sure.

Dates and times of NTCC testing schedule can be found at:

If you are an out of state player or will not be able to take the THEA you will need to take the ACCUPLACER test to be able to register for classes. The tests have a cost associated with it and it can be found on the NTCC testing website.  The tests can be taken on NTCC's campus or at most local college campuses.

MyEagle Orientation is designed for all first-time, full time students.  If you have completed the application, testing, and have submitted your transcripts you will be eligible to register for classes during orientation.  Contact the College Connection and Career Center at (903) 434-8140 to sign up for an orientation session.


There are two ways to register for classes at NTCC.  As a first time student at NTCC you will not be eligable for online registration so you must make an appointment with a counselor in our campus connection office or attend one of our open registrations.  



We have a downloadable form, however any form from a doctor will work. We also must have a copy of your insurance card and our insurance form on file.

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